After having the requisition from PRINCIPAL. Comet shall use the following sources to source the most suitable applicants. The provision of recruits shall be in accordance to the job description & specification being advised by PRINCIPAL.

• Match making from the date base, together from online & offline sources.

• Head hunting & body shopping to select the men from the specific industry.

• Advertisement in case above point 1 & 2, don’t get us the best suitable applicants


• The applicant shall be screened & interviewed by the COMET in house professional, per the specific position.

• Should any one require any practical skill, it shall be undertaken in the workshop.

• The best-matched application with honest comments shall be sent to THE PRINCIPAL.

• The representatives of THE PRINCIPAL are welcome to interview the short listed applicants if they desire so.

• COMET shall provide the interviewing support in the country of interview & shall provide all logistical support i.e.: office space, communication facilities & local logistics to the interviewing team

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